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Soundproof presents: Parkproof [08.13.2016]

We're back in the park for another edition of Parkproof to celebrate a number of August birthdays (Alec McClymont, Jon Bierman, Arn, Dermot Glennon). Oh and just like last time, once the music is finished at 9:30pm we’re going to turn into a theatre under the stars and show a movie! We're still trying to figure which one to watch, but will be sure to update the website once a decision is made.

Strathcona Park (Raymur Ave side)
2:00pm - 9:30pm (music)
10:00pm - 11:30pm (movie)

--- DJ LINEUP ---
Kir Mokum
Dark Arps
Jeff Johnston
Alexander Hamilton

--- FYIs ---

There are lots trees and shaded areas, so bring a picnic and maybe some blankets or chairs to make yourselves comfy. Please keep in mind, we would like to keep this as discrete as possible. If you do tell others then please make sure they are aware that it's a casual hangout in the park that is family-friendly (bring the kids) and BYOE (bring your own everything):

*food, drink, drank (discrete please)
*hoops, croquet, frisbee, hackey sack, badminton, volleyball, etc
*camping chairs, hammocks, blankets, etc



Unfortunately, we didn't have any luck finding a suitable venue available in August, and were reluctant to commit to doing anything renegade due to the strong possibility of a dry, hot summer again (most likely lots of forest fires). However, we were able to secure a private campground in the Harrison Lake area for the end of September. Because of this change, we'll be doing a Parkproof in town on the weekend we originally had T19 planned (August 13) and T19 will now be taking place the September 23-25 weekend. To recap, here are the upcoming events we have planned between June and September.

08.13.16 - Parkproof
09.23-25.16 - Trancemission 19
10.31.16 - Anza Haunted House


Anza Recap & What's Ahead

We'd like to thank those of you who were able to attend the Anza on January 29, and we sure hope you enjoyed yourselves. It was the first time we've held an event there on a Friday and we were over the moon with the turnout. We were pretty much at capacity before 11pm, which sets a new all-time record. It was truly a great way to kick off 2016 and we couldn't be happier. Most of the sets were recorded from the night and you can check them out on our new podcast channel! Going forward we will be making sure to keep this updated after each event. And if you're looking for pictures from some of our previous shows, you can check out Euan F's photo stream.

Soundproof Podcast Channel
Euan F's Flickr Page


Halloween Recap & What's Ahead

Hello Soundproofers,

We hope you had a great time celebrating Halloween last weekend, and we'd like to give a big thanks to those of you who were able to join us at the Anza. This was our last event for 2015 and it ended up being a great way to end the year. Below are some links to pictures and dj sets from the night.

Halloween 2015 Anza Haunted House
*pictures courtesy of Euan Forrester

Miss Innocent live @ Anza Haunted House
Dark Arps live @ Anza Haunted House
K-man live @ Anza Haunted House
Mobot live @ Anza Haunted House


Trancemission 18 Recap & What's Ahead

Hello Soundproofers,

Well gosh, who would have thought we could have pulled off a triple header event over a weekend with less than two weeks of planning time? We initially had our reservations but all the pieces started to slowly fall into place...and then we ended up with a completely different type of Trancemission that worked out quite well for so many folks. The number of attendees at each event exceeded our expectations (over 100 on Fri & Sat daytime, 170 on Sat night), and it was nice to see a different mix of people at each one. We were also very happy to be able to keep all 24 DJs on the lineup. Not bad for our 100th event!

Huge props and shout outs to the Beaumont Studios and Red Gate for accommodating us on such short notice; the Soundproof Crew and Euan F, Michelle R and Kyle R for pulling together to make the event happen; Jon Bierman for teching the awesome sound we had all weekend and for suggesting we do the outdoor event at Strathcona Park; our wonderful guest DJs and last but not least, all of you who came out to support us and attend one or all of the events! We said it before and we'll say it again - each and every one of you contribute in your own way to making this happen, so thank you for re-inspiring us to keep doing what we do and reminding us how important this all is.

We'd also like to give a big thanks to everyone who stayed till the very end on Sunday morning and then proceeded to help us tear down and clean up. The Red Gate staff were bewildered by this act and they also couldn't stop raving about how friendly, nice and generous our crowd was. Hearing this feedback made our night..actually heck, it made our weekend! This is the sort of thing that makes us feel like all the effort and time we put into this is so worth it...so thanks guys!

Since we received a ton of positive feedback about the outdoor event, we've decided that we just have to do it again...so mark your calendars for Sunday August 16 where we'll be back in the park to celebrate a couple birthdays (Jon Bierman and John Foulkes). We also have our next indoor event (Pixelate) planned for Saturday September 26 at Red Gate (they are very much looking forward to having us back)! Stay tuned...

*** Trancemission 18 DJ Sets ***
Some of the DJs recorded and posted their sets from the party. Here are the links if you want to check them out.

Alexander Hamilton
Dark Arps
Jeff Griffiths
Juice Box
Miss Innocent
Smiley Mike
Mike Rody

*** T18 Photographs ***

Euan Forrester has posted some pics from the weekend:

T18 - Friday @ Beaumont Studios
T18 - Saturday @ Strathcona Park

*** Recommended Events ***

There are a number of other events coming up over the next few months that we think are worth checking out and highly recommend:

August 1 - Kyle Geiger in Vancouver
- International techno DJ/producer on the Cocoon, Droid and Drumcode record labels, playing alongside Vancouver locals.

August 2 - House of Subversive
- Pride weekend event put on by the Subversive techno crew featuring Honey Soundsystem and Midnight Vulture.

August 2 - Pride is for Everyone
- Multi-room event put on by Emergence Project, SHAHdjs, Featherlite Productions, and Application Audio featuring over 10 DJs.

August 15 - Summer Special Series
- Outdoor daytime event at New Brighton Park brought to you by The Vancouver Urban Spaces Initiative.

September 13 - The Autumn Shift Bazaar
- European style bazaar filled with handcrafted creations, vintage re-worked treasures, food and live performances in the Mount Pleasant area.


Halloween Recap & What's Ahead

Hello Soundproofers,

We hope you had a great time celebrating Halloween, and we'd like to give a big thanks to those of you who were able to come out to the Anza. A ton of fun was had by all and it was sure a great way to end off the year as this was our last event (and busiest one) for 2014. We're sure you're probably wondering what we have in store for 2015. Well, we're actually planning to take a much needed break, but don't worry we'll be picking things up again in the spring. In the meantime, you can check out the links below for pics and music from Halloween.

Pictures courtesy of Euan Forrester: Halloween 2014 Pictures

DJ recordings from the night:

K-man Live @ Anza Haunted House
Miss Innocent Live @ Anza Haunted House
Alexander Hamilton Live @ Anza Haunted House

Yours Truly,

~ The Soundproof Crew


*** Trancemission 17: Wrap-up ***

A big thanks to those of you who came out to T17 and helped make it one of our most successful events to date! We had 300+ attendees and the atmosphere and environment couldn't have been more perfect. Huge props out to Aaron Arndt, Kyle Rocha and Michelle Rocha for scouting the location a few weeks prior; Owen, Avery and Jay Omega for providing the sound and debuting their new system; Dermot Glennon for doing another kick-ass job with the visuals and lights; all the guest DJs for playing incredible sets and the ones who came from out of town (Dallas from Toronto and Mike Rody from Calgary); Andy McMillan for putting together the slideshow of previous parties; Laura K for setting up the communal kitchen and keeping people fed; Jessica Stargirl for coming with the Galaxy Café; Euan Forrester for helping transport gear and taking pictures of the whole event from beginning to end; and the rest of the Soundproof crew for making this event possible.

We're so glad our events are not just another party where random people come to fill up the dance floor, and all we care about is how many tickets we’ve sold. What we have is much more than that – it’s a community. A place where people come to connect with others, feel inspired and have a sense of belonging. It’s something special and unique…something we all cherish and hold close to our hearts. None of this would be possible without all of you. Yes, each and every one of you contributes in your own way to making this happen. Thank you Soundproof for re-inspiring us to keep doing what we do and reminding us how important this is to so many people...we're proud to be a part of this.

Oh, but just an FYI - we are still going to be taking an extended break till 2015...with the exception of the Anza Halloween event on Friday October 31!

*DJ Sets*
Norman Wells
DJ Arn
Boom Human
Alexander Hamilton

*Slideshow Video*
Here's a link to the slideshow video that Andy McMillan put together and played at the beginning of his set. These are images he compiled from previous events over the last 16 years: T17 Slideshow