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Soundproof presents: Algorhythm [04.13.2019]

Soundproof Bios v22.2.1
Copyright (c) 1998-2019 Soundproof Software Ltd.

Testing memory... complete
Creating /ramdisk on shared memory...done
Creating unified filesystem and symlinks on ramdisk...done
Starting INIT (Process 1)
INIT v2.86 booting

[Processor]: Soundproof TechnoCore DinoX64
[Power/Man]: APM v1.2 [Enabled]
[Op/System]: RaveOS v4.2 [Underground Bootloader]

Call /Soundproof/Algorhythm
Loading binary modules...
Loaded: /Soundproof/Algorhythm.exe
Loaded: /Soundproof/guest/Delikatny.dj
Loaded: /Soundproof/guest/Vasho vs Kir Mokum.dj
Loaded: /Soundproof/crew/Dark Arps.dj
Loaded: /Soundproof/crew/Juice Box.dj
Loaded: /Soundproof/crew/K-man.dj
Loaded: /Soundproof/crew/Alexander Hamilton.dj
Loaded: /Soundproof/crew/Dermot Glennon.vj
Loaded: /SoundpdSD!fG5hdaDEADC0DE...WARNING!

Illegal Instruction occurred at
CS=CF6E IP=5065 SS=9DA2 DS=E000 ES=CF6E
EAX=00005059 EBX=C539DC88 ECX=00000E98 EDX=00003E6E
Opcodes @CS: IP DA F6 CB 3D C1 0A BE 45
Aborting program
Error - unable to continue
User input required at memory address:

‘The Deli’ @ Clark Dr and Venables St

User input verified.

Detecting System Clock...done
System Clock set.
Local date: 2019/04/13 [Saturday]
Run time: 22:00:00 - 04:00:00

Detecting System Entry requirement...done
System Password(s): ‘Soundproof’, ‘Algorhythm’
System Access Fee: 20($)

Please wait...detecting Audio Interface
[Audio Interface]: Bassosaurus42
Initializing audio...done
7 DJ(s) available
1 VJ(s) available
Done processing startup files…

Welcome to Algorhythm v1.0